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Future Urban Tribes, Inc.


A mix of mostly tracks from 2009, with a few oldies thrown in, to get ready for the summer.

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Photo by me.

14 tracks
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Dude, this Janes Addiction is ADDICTING!

Animal Collective --> pleases me every time

Hooray for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs... never heard that track so im happy.

never heard of TV on the Radio, but they are Excellente! They kinda remind me of a more rocky version of Animal collective or somethin. nice nice.

The Bug! Feelin tha triba feelin'

M.I.A?! wow wasn't expecting a lot of these artists on here. Great song, fits perfectly. love this womans voice.


Skullflower ---> Straight Dawwkness! With a touch of lite. They mesh w/ a suddn drop

What an awesome NIN song!

Dem A Murderer! Had me head bumpin' n bouncin'!

Religious Knifes ---> hypnotizing with a dark feeling! love this shit!!!

9 Samurai --> lovin this song so hard!

Jeez i feel like ive been on a journey. haha. great mix 100 percent loved it. I was plannin on listening to this one for a while and just never got around to it. Glad i finally did. Enjoy reading the review hahaha. Great job and Great Pic!

hmm, wtf is up 8tracks? i just discovered two tracks are missing from this mix?!?! so i just added them back today. i wonder how long they were gone?