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Hoppin' 1


The Original (1of3)
A 3 part series of hip hop, trip-hop, rock, and electronica with sweet beats for yo' feet.

Features 12 Hoppers from Saul Williams, Pigface, Amon Tobin & more.

12 tracks
8 comments on Hoppin' 1

Been going through some of your mixes and had to click on the Sam Flores ones! Very nice! This is motivation to do some more non-dnb mixes as I listen to a lot of the same stuff you do. Thanks!

hey thanks for checking out these old mixes of mine. I actually made these back before 8trx....

keep those mixes coming man!

I decided rather than spin #3 of the series, that I should spin the whole dang series. It was an excellent decision on my part, because that Radiohead remix is one of the best things I've ever heard