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If you came to get down

Notes came to the right place. This will get your booty movin' and shakin', I promise you.

10 tracks of new school beats spiced with some old school flava. Featuring new Roska, new Funerals, and new Beats Antique + HOT TUB.

10 tracks
6 comments on If you came to get down

i was away from comp so maybe i didnt hear well enough but didnt hear any real beats antique influence in that song. sounded more like the Freestylers hah. maybe need to give a closer listen. lovin this roska and this whole mix right now!

you can get it for free off beats antique's bandcamp. their's an instrumental version too. you'll hear the BA in it with a closer listen, I think. tho it's def a bit more hip hoppy than their usual. the new roska is pretty dope too. thanks for the listen brutha!