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If you came to get down, too

Notes STILL came to the right joint!

10 tracks of booty shakin beats with a touch of ol skool flava. Featuring Mochipet remixing Tupac, new Diplo (with Datsik!), and introducing Lenny Caution.

The louder the better!

10 tracks
3 comments on If you came to get down, too

gotta apologize to the first 80 listeners of the mix :/ I just realized last night that several songs were out of order which kinda fucked with the flow. should all be fixed up now.

So my prefrontal motor cortex has over-ridden all of my other cerebral mechanisms for the sole purpose of continuous move-busting for the duration of this mix :D

this should be the introduction to your first book: "ablank's scholars' guide to shakin' dat ass." where ever fine books are sold.

hahaha well when this said book is published (and it's only a matter of time), this mix will be a frequent primary source!

:) yeah... in general I prefer to make 2 shorter, well crafted mixes than one overly long mix. also, when making old school tapes there was always a side a and a side b.... well anyway, I hope you enjoy.

I love 'em, and I love the diptych, triptych concept. The opener on this mix made me laugh...Hey, apparently among the Aztecs were a group of artisans named "Mixtecs" which translates into "cloud people".
So naturally, I hereby dub you an honorary modern Mixtec !