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Let Me Tell You A Story


16 stories and character studies in the form of song. Think of it as a short story anthology creating a longer narrative. Featuring stories by The Postal Service, P J Harvey, and David Bowie.

If possible, please try to listen to the entire mix in one sitting. Enjoy!

photo by me.

16 tracks
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@retodd, ani did two albums w/utah philips and they are both great. honestly, otherwise I don't like her at all. if you can't get how hilarious leonard nimoy singing about bilbo baggins is, well then I don't know what to say.

Just came across this mix while looking for some Ani... wow is that first song Bridges great!... i love spoken word tracks like that. cant wait to hear the rest..... wait... you just lost me with the Spock song....

9/25 - ok, the missing track has been put in. the more I think about it the more I think it got dumped from 8tracks because that has happend to me on other mixes. but as of today, the mix is properly complete.

thanks for the great feedback dan. I checked and realized I accidentally left a track off the mix, so it is only 15. I'll have to fix it tonight.

Dudddee... Great mix, excellent stories (or story ((the mix felt like a story as a whole)) )

A few highlights.. both Ani DeFranco songs.. loved the korea story one. Radiohead track ---> excellent. Great opener and great ender. I think I only counted fifteen tracks though? Hmm.. dunno. Anyways. fantastic shit.