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No Reality Here


Don't worry, this couldn't possibly really be happening. Go ahead, hit that again.

Twelve reality warping tracks, featuring new Goth-Trad, new Blaqstarr, and new Plug!!!

12 tracks
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the only thing better than finding a new favorite playlist maker on 8tracks, is finding one with so much muuuusic. I'll be sure to send the blame your way when my friends wonder why I won't leave the confines of my headphones. Really, though, great mixes. You set a great mood in every single mix. Thanks for sharing!

Also, a thanks from my hula hoop! Its been getting an awful lot of attention lately, I can't help but move to these tracks

that is so awesome. I get so happy when people leave such kind comments. you rock! really happy you are digging on my mixes. I put a lot of love into them!

wow, that is amazingly cool. I had pulled larry kings voice out before, but didn't realize that was her and didn't realize it was a nicheren buddhist chant. its so funny, I'm friends with the Lake Radio guy on FB now and that fucker just turned 21!!! and he's already got 3 or 4 albums of great music.

whuut. these talented young motherfuckers! i've only listened to delta and planet earth so far. will definitely check out his other albums.