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of spheres and their secret motions

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You gave me a like on a playlist of mine because of Burial. I give you this like back. But I could have hit the like button for other reasons (Amon Tobin : yess!)...

phenomenal compilation B... I wish 'next mix' worked, so I could cue this up after my spacey, Saturn-covered mix. Happy travels, hope Europe treats you well :)

hey! where'd you get that paper girl song? i couldn't find that on the album on bandcamp. is it a secret release or something?

when I bought the album from bandcamp the dude sent me an email with this track as a 'bonus track.' how fucking cool is that? I'll hook you up.

yeah, its a very very good album, like all his stuff. look for my next mix (should be published monday) for another new lake radio track (along with some synthy, witchy goodness.)

i like floating. i like eternity and the void. i like spheres making secret motions in space.
and i love this mix!! with all its mystery and newness.
congratulations on your 150th, btw :]