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Our Wedding Mix


Music from the wedding of DJ Dim-Mak and Grote Markt earlier this year. Trust me, it's better than you think it will be. At what other wedding will you hear Einsturzende Neubauten, The Bug, and Jarboe?

10 tracks
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thanks a lot. we just had our first wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago. we're both very happy. if you don't already, you should follow my wife's mixes, @grote_markt

thanks for the heads up. I had just added oliviaeve last night after listening to some doppleganger's mix who was talking shit about you. haven't had a chance to listen yet, though, and now I've added Bonne. I'll try to check 'em botho out soon. thanks for pointing in me in good directions. by the way, grote-markt and I have just been totally loving your mixes lately, especially the ambient/experimental stuff.

thanks a lot guys, we're both glad you like the mix. there was no way we were going put up with shitty-ass wedding music.
nick cave - walking down the isle
kid loco - dinner music
Einsturzend Neubauten - bride and father dance
Radiohead - bride and groom first dance.
after that we partied.