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prophets of the collapse

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your opener was AWESOME! and the rest is just makin my friday night. this is the best way to celebrate the end of the world. party time!!!

TQS... need i say more? jeez, i always freak out when i listen to your mixes. they always get better, somehow. always a treat

and your closers are always worth it! you and mr. deathinteresse, you guys make these mixes where you HAVE to listen to the whole thing, it's like one big song/story/journey with you two. love it! :) this is the way it should be... sorry, i need to stop

not to sound to cheeky, but dude, take a look. we are right in the middle of it. more species are dying out right now than since the meteor took out the dinosaurs. really. the polar ice is melting. once in a century storms are happening every couple of years. Australia yet again is experiencing record wild fires. the coral reefs are dying out and the sharks are dying out, that's the top and bottom of the ocean's food chain. massive plums of methane are pouring out of the thawed out Russian tundra. Apocalypse doesn't happen one eventful doomsday. it happens over years. it's happening now. so yeah, lets party!

stepping back down off the soap box, sorry. anyway, thanks for the listen and the comments, always glad to see a comment from you!

I made up my mind. The apocalypse we're talking here is a human one for the most part. The planet has endured similar times and will certainly survive. It would be arrogant to think that we can destroy it. So it is not really an apocalypse for earth or the environment but only humans themselves since they waste and ruin natural ressources. Not like I am going to see any of this. But I certainly won't shed a tear over mankind. Alright, maybe one. Anyways, you inspired me to do another mix. Stay alert!

i agree my friend. life carries on, maybe even human life. but it wont be like this for very long I think. let me know when you get the next mix up!

btw that WAS a cool rant! word, dude! this shit's goin down the toilet at an exponential rate it seems. how can it NOT be the end of the world...? but yes, we may not see it in our lifetime but you can certainly see the decay and downfall... it's pretty evident, that's for sure :/