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the ghosts of november (side b)


All tracks from 2012, featuring new Mala, new Purity Ring, and new Andy Stott.

Art by Sofia Ajram.

...oh these phantoms, these beautiful beasts that haunt my nights...

9 tracks
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wonderful... so many favourites, and a great flow. Thank you! The fact that I keep imagining a rogue letter R in one of the words in your description is inconsequential, but noteworthy ;)

Rogue letter R? I'm so confused.... but grateful for the listen and the awesome comments. glad you enjoyed, m'lady!

I was too subtle?! This is a first. ..."beautiful bReasts that haunt my nights..." It works as well as the original :)

Finally heeeere. I saw your latest mix and had to wrench myself away (*yay* you made a jazz mix!!). But I've had my eye on this mix for too long to skip over it. Lemme at it...

you're killing me here - 3 of my favourite tracks from the past few months in the first 3 tracks. Gettin that like button out of the way now.

Make that 4... and counting. And only because I hadn't heard that Photek/Pinch creation before... that's awesome.

that is very high on the scale of suck. believe it or not, the first time I saw flying lotus I didn't even know who he was?! I was there to see The Bug and Kode 9 and he headlined and that's how I discovered him. sorry, not to rub it in........

It is december already but thanks to the wicked listen later feed I am here now. How come I have never heard about Andy Stott anyways? It is unbelievably good and true demonic techno.

This is tight... First track creeped me out 'cause it reminded me of the movie Sinister for some reason. 2nd track is hella nice though. Gonna need to listen to the rest at school, internet is capped here. Good stuff though man. I only post Hip-hop mixes, but this shit is highly entertaining to listen to.

thanks so much. I haven't seen Sinister. is it good? anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of mix and keep putting out those awesome hip hop mixes, I love em