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The Holy Mountain


"In all traditions they speak of holy mountains...The legend is always the same. Nine immortal men live on top of the mountain. From the highest peak they direct our world. They hold the secret to the conquest of death. They are more than 40,000 years old, but they were once like ourselves. If others have succeeded in conquering death, why must we accept it? I know where the immortals live and how to obtain their secret."

11 tracks, featuring Alejandro Jodorowsky, Liturgy, & Not Breathing.

11 tracks
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SO good!! I love that you put the annotations to go along with the mix. You really put a lot of thought into this!

@ErrorMalfunction hey man! thanks for checking out this old mix! I'm glad you liked it. you got me inspired to go back and relisten to this. and realized I need to get back to watching all my jodorowsky movies.

Quote from the movie masterpiece 'The Holy Mountain' by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Art by Florian @Deviantart

The Holy Mountain - a mixtale by dj dim-mak.

Track 1: Introduction/Initiation - The Alchemist in his Tower

Track 2: The Thief Awakens - Awakening in the desert the Thief comes down to the town, witnesses its atrocities and horrors. Hoping there must be a greater truth the Thief is fooled by false holy men who exploit him.

Track 3: The Absurdity of the World - The ‘civilized world’ seems increasingly more absurd and bizarre to the Thief. Like others, he searches for the Holy but cannot find it.

Track 4: The Thief Enters the Alchemist’s Tower - The Thief steals into the Alchemist’s Tower intent to kill him and take his gold. The Alchemist easily overcomes him and now becomes his Guru.

Track 5: Excrement into Gold - The Thief is initiated and baptized into the holy mysteries by the Alchemist and his Assistant. The Alchemist transforms the Thief’s excrement into Gold, and promises he can do the same with the Thief himself.

Track 6: The Thief Studies Magick - The Thief begins his studies under the Alchemist.

Track 7: The Arrival of the 7 Planets - Seven men and women of great wealth and power, each representing a different Planet, come to the Tower in search of Immortality.

Track 8: The Alchemist reveals the Secret of the Holy Mountain - The Alchemist tells them of the 9 Immortals atop the Holy Mountain. He knows the way to find them, conquer them, and take the secret of Immortality and True Freedom for themselves.

Track 9: Transformation and the Quest for Enlightenment - Burning away their money, power, and all Ego-Attachments, they begin their journey towards Enlightenment and the Holy Mountain.

Track 10: The Ascent of the Holy Mountain - In Search of the Sacred Water, the ascent up the Holy Mountain forces them to release the last of their Ego, face their fears, and complete their Transformation and Enlightenment.

Track 11: True Life - Atop the Holy Mountain they find the 9 Immortals are only mannequins and illusion. As mortal as ever, they see the camera rolls back to reveal all is illusion. They move on to True Life and Freedom now.

This is the third THM mix I've found here in randomness
I shall like this very much so. I watch The Holy mountain when I was 8, the next day was the first time I was ever brought home in a cop car. This is helping pass the time here in the STNY floods with the city split in half and- oh what the hell, fuck me with a 2x4 dry an sideways SYOD?! YOU FUCKIN SUCK!! And here I thought you were awesome Mister pay-to-play! I'll still heart it but I swear to god if Government Mule comes on next I'm gonna shoot myself! Butfer screals, you might digg the other two I found just as I have:

ok, to be honest, I only understood about half that comment, but good luck with the floods nonetheless. I've heard Kasperresen's mix and its quite good. its actually up next after this. thanks for listening!

Yeah nah, nothing dangerous just bridges were closed and I was on the boring side. Oh, you right, man was I high as hell, I meant systemofadown but no matter. You can just delete it anyways I really only just roundabouted the whole thing bout those other mixes.

hahaah, no way, i'm totally keeping that comment. its so hard to understand, its i some kind of esoteric the whole fucking movie THM. So yeah, perfect keeper.

who-o-o-a, easy there sailor. Let us not go forming any space-loops just yet. I lost him in three dragon alley, dropping off the pantyhose, actually it was this one, it was this skirt. These are welllworth watching, so these you just might like if you haven't already:
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