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the shaman and the angel


12 tracks of psychedelic angels to guide you through the universe within and without.*

Featuring classic Alejandro Jodorowsky, new tribal poetry from The Spaceape, and new hypnagogic bliss from LAKE R▲DIO.

*see comments or track annotations for the full mixtale

12 tracks
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What a TRIP! This is the most interesting mix I've found here on 8Tracks so far, and the most well composed. I love your description of each track/phase, a complete experience, definitely not the last time I will do this trip.

1 - During the tribal gathering, surrounded by drums and dance, the shaman drinks the psychedelic brew of sacred plants.

2 - Amid the fever of the ritual and the mind-expanding brew, the angel descends upon the shaman, lifting him out of his body and into the air.

3 - The angel carries the shaman across the nighttime desert skies, delivering him to the foot of the ancient pyramids.

4 - Deep in the heart of the mysterious pyramid the angel reveals a mystic gateway. The gate opens, transporting the angel and the shaman through all the dimensions of the universe.

5 - They emerge from the gateway into the Void, from which all of reality springs forth and eventually succumbs.

6 - From the Void they travel into shadowy lands of bodiless spirits and wondering ghosts awaiting the transformation into existence.

7 - The shaman and the angel re-enter the mystic gateway and streak through the universe, from out of the shadows and into the light of being, pulled through space and time towards the higher planes of existence.

8 - Emerging again from the gateway, the shaman beholds the higher realm of celestial love and sexuality. The sacred, blissful union of enlightened beings draws the shaman from the angels side and into the holy womb.

9 - Reborn as a child into the celestial realms, the reincarnated shaman explores this new magical existence. In awe of his new reality, the boy forgets the earthly realm and the shaman he was.

10 - As he grows more mature and more wise, the young man realizes the truth of himself and of being - life is but the myth existence tells to itself.

11 - The man, slowly remembering the shaman he once was and the tribe he left behind, grows nostalgic for his earthly existence and summons the angel to him once again.

12 - Amazed and enlightened, the shaman awakens from his trance back among his tribe and beholds the wonder of his earthly existence. Transformed by his experience, he has a new myth to bring to his people.

Reading "Stranger in a strange land" for like the third time, this playlist was the perfect soundtrack.

Thanks for sharing such awesomeness

very good, that's exactly the type of playlist i was looking for. Something you can let play trusting the DJ will not disappoint you, and full of unknown bands to investigate further ;-)

Thank you. DJ Dim-Mak (are you chinese ? i won't shake your hand, fearing you will keep my hand in a deadlock ;-) )

right on, thanks a lot man.

no, btw, I'm a blue eyed american boy. but I love old kung fu movies and eastern mysticism, so there you go. :)