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This Is The New Beat, Threepete.


Clear some space, turn it up, and dance like a fool, cause here come the new beats.

Twelve tracks of fresh from the oven beats. Featuring Joker & Ginz, Soom T, and a fucking sweet new Gorillaz remix!

12 tracks
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@nonlocal: if you like dub and dancehall, you should go to the "dub mission" night at elbo room. also, there are a lot of cool gigs at mighty and mezzanine. if you like experimental music/punk/psychedelic you should go to the hemlock tavern.

@nonlocal, misread your msg, thought you asked where I was playing in SF. I would suggest checking out club 6, bottom of the hill, underground sf. i would also suggest an account, if you don't have one, and they'll suggest events that fit your likes and musical library. unfortunately, I don't know the club/dj scene as well as I did 10 years or so ago...

unfortunately, i don't play out all that often, house parties here and there. I just played at the Space Gallery on Polk street last month. that may turn in to a more regular gig. we'll see.