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"If You See Something,
Say Nothing
And Drink to Forget."

-This message brought to you by the Night Vale City Council.

Tonight's weather calls for 100% chance of new Zomby, followed by sudden storms of new Sigur Ros, and look for thick drifts of new Joey Bada$$ in the late evening hours.

14 tracks
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@aunt13 hey you found one from a couple of years ago, cool. really glad you liked it. you should check out the welcome to night vale podcast if you haven't already.

@dj_dim-mak yeah i was trying to figure out from the threads what it was and how to get it if you don't have an iphone. i just checked out that link, sounds awesome. hope i can get access to it somehow...

I just had a "discussion" with SB on my last mix, and suddenly it made me think he had also liked this playlist - I just regret not being "dropped" earlier on it.
I did not know this version (more upbeat) of B. of C. and I love it. But I liked most the opening track.
This made my day...

Wow, nice one - such a consistently atmospheric mix. Definitely makes me want to listen to the podcast now! Love that Danny Schmidt and of course the David Lynch as well.

thanks so much for stopping by. let me know what you think of the podcast when you get to it. I discovered Danny Schmidt through the Welcome to Night Vale podcast btw. they feature a song from an independent artist in every episode.

yeah, all this is still fairly new. how something earns a gem is some kind of 'secret formula' but basically it's for mixes that don't have a ton of likes, but have enough likes to plays ratio (I think) to be considered noteworthy, or something like that.

btw, in case you didn't know, this is a tribute/fan mix for the 'welcome to night vale' podcast. Imagine if Stephen King wrote a community public radio news show that made you laugh as much as it creeped you out. Really.