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He won a war, but he's still only a child.
Art by Mark-Ito on deviantart.

  • Dialga's Fight to the Finish! by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoTDS
  • Dog Days Are Over (lyrics) by Florence and the Machine
  • Twin Skeleton's (Hotel in NYC) by Fall Out Boy
  • The Stand X Sons Of Fate by Maverick DeCero
  • 05 Goodbye Mr. 'A' by mickb278
  • Chilled To The Bone by Short Circuit
  • Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar
  • Nothing Left to Say / Rocks by Imagine Dragons
  • I Refuse (to Believe) by Megas
9 tracks
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@dj_icey I found this playlist through The Megas tag, and as such, I had assumed that there would be playlists filled with songs by the megas along with multiple other mega man remixes and such scattered throughout, only to find what I was not expecting: a playlist, albeit well put together, that consisted mainly of songs devoid of lyrics, and only one song by the megas. I was simply disappointed by the lack of The Megas

@ManiacSocietyRejects Sorry for having that tag there! You didn't need to particularly go on about how you disliked the two songs without lyrics on a playlist I made for myself!

@dj_icey Oh, I'm sorry, ser, I did not realise the mistake I made in assuming you made this playlist for the public. It shouldn't be my place to dictate what you should or should not post online in any way! I apologise for my rude and ignorant behaviour.