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Drop the bass (.__. )


Um I had relized that I havn't made another Dubstep mix, Tbh here are just some tracks that I have listen recently. There not in a perfect order there just tracks that I have listen to recently so I hope you guys enjoy! & yes Lindsey Stirling is in the mix -__-
Like comment maybe follow Idk. hope ya like :)

  • Still Gettin It Ft. Skrillex by Foreign Beggars
  • Stabs by xKore
  • Dubstep.NET Premiere by Sugar Rush by Virtual Riot (Barely Alive Remix)
  • The Line by Emalkay feat. Glen Boden
  • Hold It Down by Datsik feat. Georgia Murray
  • Ellie Goulding (Remix Gemini) by Explosions
  • Dubstep.NET Exclusive by Dog Fight by Social Experiment
7 tracks