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DJ_Ruby's Trip-Hop Takeover! 90's Edition

4 comments on DJ_Ruby's Trip-Hop Takeover! 90's Edition

you and this mix have made my morning so much better. thank you. some favorite, a few things i've never heard and time to get into projects while floating. great mix. please keep them coming. bright blessings.

Have to love the classics that's for sure! Thank you for stopping by you made MY morning so much better with your kind comments. :) Wow, bless you too and will be looking into your mixes here shortly. I used to follow you on a different account. Just created this one so it isn't connected to facebook because I had to deactivate it. Cheers to great tunes! Peace, Love, & Empathy be with you my friend. <3

Don't often listen to words in songs I go more for beats.
For some reason I'm finding myself listening to the words and getting quite drawn in.
Was that the intention?
Feels trippy.
Always wondered why they call it trip hop.
Maybe I just answered my own question.
Cool mix.
Stay insane my friend.

It's funny you say that because I am actually more of a lyrical person and have been focusing a lot more on beats lately! haha! Glad I could trip ya out a bit in a good way ;) Hope it was a good mixture of awesomness <33 Stay charming Phil hehe Thank you !!!!!

Came back to comment it was a great mix.
Cheers mate.
My 700+ songs Shit I listened to growing up just went gold.
I was actually wondering if it was posted cause it didn't do anything for a while then the last two weeks it's gone crazy.

Cheers you! That 700+ one is going to last so long! Trying to find the right days to play that one hehe nice ! I just posted another mix of some new stuff I think you will enjoy. :)