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DJ_Violet's 10 Hours Of Electronic


I know it's been awhile so I figured I should give you a really long mix!!!!! I hope it was worth the wait. 10 hours of purely electronic music varying styles...lots of old favorites and new songs sprinkled throughout. It's been a beautiful journey on my travels. I now have unlimited internet as long as i'm in service so get ready for LOTS more awesomeness. love you all

128 tracks
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Hey mate missed you...Listen to this one on week end.. Glad your trip was great and it's so good to have you back mate. Stay insane my good friend......

@verrierhill I've missed you so much Phil! I am so excited for you to listen to this. I will be adding 3 more songs because I had to delete some but still should be much enjoyable! :) We had a bit of an issue with our stuck by the beach in California but lucky enough was able to purchase a new RV and now we are chillen in Arizona for a couple months. It's all so exciting!!! Colorado is next and you know what's legal there. hehe! :D :D So great to be back!!! <3333

@DJ_Serenity Hi mate, Wow glad all ended well with the RV, Reminds me of the great times I had travelling at your age. I did it on my own. Do you have travel companions or did you go through the ordeal on your own..The people I met and the times I had were amongst the best of my life :) <333

@verrierhill Oh Phil was in an RV too?? Sounds like a blast!!! I travel with my lovely boyfriend! We have been together for almost 4 years now. :) We have met so many awesome people along the way and have so much more ground to cover!!! :D

@DJ_Serenity I do now.:D........... Oh how I wish I could go back to those days maybe in 5 yrs when I retire. I Would love to travel your vast land on a motorbike. May be if we're still in touch then you could point me in the right direction.<33.. Stay insane guys and enjoy your trippin across the USA.