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DJ_Violet's RaDiO RoCk!


All song titles have the word "radio" in them!
As much as I love the underground scene, music in all forms in magnificent! Though I will say the shit you hear on the radio is not the best, especially in recent years it has been quite disappointing! That is why it is up to you music lovers to explore and not fall into the sheep status quo if you know what I mean ;)

This is a fun mix so enjoy! ~33 tracks~

32 tracks
1 comment on DJ_Violet's RaDiO RoCk!

Great mix idea S.K.
Great to here the talking heads .
I only have that track on Vinyl(L.P.)
Seems to be a lot of love coming from your mixes lately.
Keep up the sensational work DJ_Serenity.
Be good or be good at it............................................

@verrierhill I keep looking back at my mixes and seeing that I didn't reply! Silly me! Talking Heads is AMAZING and so cool you have it on Vinyl. :D I have a record player now and like 25 records. I hope to build up my collection more once I can afford it. :)