Reading music is an important part of being a good musician, yet many musicians still do not know how. Most people who can read music learned to do so through music lessons. Not everyone is able to take music lessons and this is not always a guarantee that you will learn how to read music well. There are a lot of music teachers out there that teach mostly by rote where students still do not have to know how to read music.

Is it necessary to know how to read music in order to enjoy making music? The answer to that question is absolutely not. Music is a listening art form. We capture this art form by finding ways to preserve it, such as writing it down on paper.

If I don't need any training or reading ability in order to play an instrument or sing, then why bother learning how to read music at all? To keep it brief, more opportunity will be available to you. Your confidence will skyrocket when you realize how much more music you can explore and play simply because you know how to read music!

Why is reading music important? Think of it as being a lot like literacy


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