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1/8 Mashup Mix


Some of my favorites from 2016, here to reign terror upon your ears once more. Get some.

Tune in 4-5 Every Other Sunday to 91.3 KXCI to hear Reconstructed Radio live!

16 tracks
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lol I read your page lol answered my ? And I was pissed I forgot so I set a reminder for next show can't wait to hear your bastard-pop set

@MaShTer BSWolf You picked an interesting time to start tuning in. There are some radio updates happening right now, I'm trying out a new 2-hour slot on Saturday from 2-4AM while training a new DJ for the next few weeks on my usual Sunday timeslot. If listening live isn't reasonable for you at that time, go to and click on Listen To Past Shows to hear the Live mix.

It's 4 5 your timeand that's Arizona I think see you guys don't think you have daylight savings time so are you an hour behind us