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Yaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!! The Canonical Pirate Mix

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I finally answered with my own pirate mix. I took a couple of liberties with 2 songs that are more sea related than straight up pirate songs...but they suit the theme nicely. And I think only one song is repeated from your list.

Thanks for the props, sir! You gotta let me know when your pirate list is up. I want to hear it. That and I run a set on my radio show that's a tribute to piracy and new tunes to play is always appreciated.

Great mix! And as one of the few people on the planet who actually had a 'top 5 all time favourite pirate songs', I will take up the challenge and create my own pirate mix. Just not tonight. Btw you got 1 of my top I only need to find 4 more songs to make my 8. Well played sir!