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Hey, I Remember That Song...Too!


I remember when we use to get all our music from the radio, there were only a few genres then: Jazz, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Country. There were also certain stations for each, here in New York it was: WRVR for Jazz, WWRL for Rhythm & Blues, WABC had Rock (or what is now Classic Rock) they even threw in some soft R&B. So WABC for me, was the go to station for a Mix of Hits. And that's what I got here, Twenty-Five more Hits from my Youth. I'm sure you will remember some of them too...Enjoy!

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7 comments on Hey, I Remember That Song...Too!

Upon further thought, a day would not give your collection the respect it deserves. We'd definitely need some more time. And a cocktail or two. <3

Indeed, because I'm pretty sure my personal Music Collection exceeds a Terabyte, access to a few million and then there's the *cough, cough* World Wide Web, but definitely some coctails :-) Thanks!

Gone are the days of flipping through vinyl in crates in the music room (or basement, next to the Technics receiver and speakers darn near the size of the couch)! Thanks for the trip to the waybackwhen.

:-) Yeah, kinda miss those milk crates, but if you feel like flipping through this Mix, you can check out my Personal Virtual Vinyl section here... Enjoy!

Thank You, I know what you're saying, no matter how many times I play this Mix, good memories spring up :-) Glad I can share the experience...Thanks once again!