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Just Chillin' @ Smooth's Zone


Just take it in Stride today, the work week is almost over, and when you're chillin' later on or this weekend, throwing back a few, having a nice glass of wine, catching up on that long overdue R&R. Whatever it may be, Enjoy and Relax... With a couple new ones from Boney James. Euge Groove, Najee And Others. (2 additional tracks added)

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Sitting drinking a smooth whiskey, reading a Robert Crais novel and listening to this mix.

My favorite mix so far on 8tracks. Thanks.


Youre Welcome and Thank You very much, you know its almost a year since I first posted this one and I still go back to it myself often, as a matter of fact think I'll put it on now while I drift off ☺

Sorry for the delay, but I'm sure I responded (it must have been one of those 8track crazy moments) but I'm glad that you was able to find a moment of Serenity while listening; I know its not easy to lose a parent, I've lost both of mine. It will take time but it gets a little easier over time.

:-) Thank You, that's the least I can do...courtesy is just one of those natural kinda things for me. And I thank you for your kind words! You might like this one too ...