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R&B Divas MasterMix III


So, while making this and trying to come up with a title and description, the thought that came to mind and just wouldn't leave is, well "You're Gonna Like This One!" Twenty-Two Tracks, One Hour and Twenty-Seven min of some of the Best Vocals in R&B. Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna...Enjoy!

22 tracks
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:-) Thank you!

Making a Mix isn't that hard, if you have ever made a playlist on whatever media player you're using, (windows media, ITunes) just to name a couple. Just put all those songs in one folder.

Then at the top of of the page in 8Tracks where you see your Name, click the drop-down menu and click "Create Mix" Give it a Name where you see "Untiltle Mix" "Describe your mix" "Add a couple tags" choose a picture you like for your mix from your computer, and drag it to the "Image Box"

Then Click and Drag your Songs one by one in the order you want them to play to the locations on the playlist. You must have at least 8 Tracks in order to publish your mix. You will see "Your Mix is ready to publish and a Publish button under your name once 8 Tracks has been upload properly.