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Shut Up And Dance!


Here's a Little Pre-Club Mix for you to throw on as you're preppin' for the Club tonight. Twenty Dance Throwbacks, about an hour and a half, mixed just right. Saint Etienne, David Guetta. Jamiroquai and Many more.

20 tracks
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And sonething else Smooth :) I see that lately you create r&b soul dance playlists..I dont know what kind of music you play there at clubs but i wonder if you could see the music we play at greek clubs and make a better quality mix if you have time! :)) sorry if im asking for too much!

Sorry that i didn't reply to your question mate, but at first i didn't know what to answer and then i forgot it! :/ I don't have words to thank you for this! Thx very very much!! :))

You're welcome, and NP, if I don't leave notes for myself about something I usually remember when its to late...our minds just aren't what they use to be :-) Enjoy!