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Smooth Jazz Session: Sunday Brunch II

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I find it amazing the my two favorites, DjSmooth and HDimond appreciate each others tracks, the two of you should get together and make us a ton of great tracks, love both of you works

:-) Thank You for such kind words, Mr. Diamond does have an Excellent ear for some nice sets of Smooth Jazz and I think between the two of us, we pretty much got 8tracks locked down on that front. So don't worry I'll do everything I can to keep em comin'. Thanks again and Enjoy!

Amazing playlist mate.Im on a ship on my way for a seventh day vacation and you are relaxing me so much..! Im trying to get new people to 8tracks and specifically to listen to your amazing playlists! :-) Cheers.Take care

Wow, :-) Thanks! Thank you for your Kind words, and thank you for spreading the word about all the goodness of 8tracks and my Mixes. I'll keep making em for you. Have a nice Smooth time out there and look out for Jaws...