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Smooth Vintage Jazz & Sum


It's been a blast within this past year and a half since I stumbled upon And I enjoy sharing my Mixes with all of you. With this Mix, I've hit another milestone for myself, this is my 300 Mix. And as it turned out it's Jazz one of my favorite genres. I mixed it up a bit, Some Vintage like Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, and a little Smooth Jazz from Chris Botti and Others. Enjoy!

19 tracks
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This is my go to play list for relaxing, cooking, hanging out with my sweet baby girl, it just hits all the right moods! Thanks!

@40307471 You're Welcome, This is still one of my Favorites Mixes that I sometime just put on Repeat and it becomes my Theme for the day....Enjoy!

I love Chris Botti, I first heard him when he did a song with Michael Buble. Love this, when you have a stressful day, it's nice to turn on some smooth jazz. It has always helped me for sure. Thanks!

You're Welcome and Thanks, he one of my favorites too. And that first song (Good Morning Heartache) with Ms. Sexy Jill Scot is Awesome...

I'm really sure but i saw somewhere that today is the World Jazz Day! ^^ You were the first person that came to my mind. :-) I think that i should say Happy Jazz day to you first and to all your listeners and fans, including me of course! ;-)

Thank You Kindly, yes today is "International Jazz Day" Happy Jazz Day to you and all the Jazz Lovers here on 8Tracks and across the world...

((("#Bobbin my head in Approval 2 this mix"!)).....•• Ayo' This is Wats Up!!!!.....& Definitely Likin & Enjoying wat I'm hearing stranga?