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Step In My Room II, (Feat. TGT)


So, this Mix has been in the making for awhile, but every time I was about to post it, the thought of 8tracks & Soundcloud destroying it with bad quality, internet talking over substituted tracks stopped me! Should that happen with this one just check my Site (In my profile) to hear it like it was meant to be heard...Enjoy! Tank, Carl Thomas, Tyrese and Others.

15 tracks
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Soundcloud can be an annoyance; but it can be corrected by editing each individual track, clicking incorrect on the Soundcloud version, and saving your changes. The change won't be immediate, but it will happen. I didn't know if you knew that, but your mixes are too good to take chances. :-)

Thanks, yeah I've tried that and it is a sometime it works completely and sometime it doesn't. For example with this mix that little work around was done, and I decided to listen this morning on the way home. And at the end of my second track "Heart Attack" There was sirens and gunshots :-) and with my BOSE QC20 it sound so really it caught me totally off guard, cause I'm looking all around and shit, then I remembered it did the same thing on another mix. But anyway, that is the type of stuff that I can't stand about these damn "autobots". I just had to do the work around again on this Mix, they substituted three tracks...