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The Weekend, The Singles, The Hits...


Non-Stop Hits from several genres. Twenty-Five Tracks, about an Hour and Forty Min. I'm sure you'll hear something you like! Bruno Mars, Drake, Draft Punk and Others...

Soundcloud & 8tracks, you're killing me with all this Track Substitutions...(19 of 25) That's just a damn shame, what's the point of uploading quality (Just Right) music!

25 tracks
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The very worst for me is Talk over (supposedly DJing) as for the upload quality, they convert that to about 48mp4 as soon as it hits their servers. I found 192kbps sound better after their conversion, plus it takes less time to upload.

Good mix Smooth. Btw, 8tracks is killing me too with the Soundcloud substitutions. I hope they can fix it soon.

Thanks Diamond, sad to be the bearer of bad news, but it's all about the bottom line for them, by substituting with Soundcloud tracks they are saving on Royalty fees, well until that loophole gets plugged :-) But it still Shucks just same, cause it just provokes me to fewer Mixes up because I know they're just gonna destroy it (with some poor quality or other nonsense track) as soon as I hit submit.