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Welcome Back R&B...


It seems as though RnB Dry spell is getting better, Seventeen Tracks, with some new Joints from: Rihanna (Get the Entire CD you'll be glad you did), Keyshia Cole (she made up very well for the last ahh two!) , Ne-Yo (He still Braggin' and Shit, but its alright) and a few Others.

17 tracks
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I like this, I'm glad the R&B dry spell is getting better lol, I'm glad Brandy is still making music, I haven't been into r&b music like I was in the 90's. When does Rihanna s album come out? It seems that she released one a while ago... I just uploaded a 90's r&b playlist, recently I've been uploading from other genres and exploring my roots lol(which is latin) so check em out

I hear yeah, Rihanna's "Unapologetic" is out, as well as Keyshia Cole's "Woman to Woman" you can checkout most of both of them here, and I will get to that 90's Mix of yours I was listening to "Red Wine and UnWined#5" yesterday afternoon; pretty good.