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For Bruna <3


Starts off dark and remains mostly dark.

The wind in the sky
Please gather the clouds
And close the way of the wind
I need to make the beautiful dancer
Like a muse, so i can keep looking at her
Too bad if you forget about me
I have to live with it
We swear by God we will be together forever
Now im worried God will take your soul
Because you broke your promise
Like the fire which guards light up to search things
Burns up in the night
And fades into the daylight
Just as my love and thoughts of you
Burn in the night and fade into the sun

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4 comments on For Bruna <3

@hornyy How strange, I was just thinking about you today ! It dawned on me earlier that I never left you a comment. I listen to all your playlists daily. You're the only person on this site that listens to the wide variety of artists that I listen to !

I've never said about this playlist, but it's perfect for -everyday- and it's really amazing, you really really know me, because all the songs are so mine, that's wonderful <3
I love you, daddy.