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Keep Calm and Study On


It's that time again, for late night studying and working through the weekends. Lose yourself in the music to relax, or get to work. None of these songs have lyrics, because I personally find that more gets done when you aren't distracted. So go ahead-- hit those books, write that paper. Time to get shit done. And don't forget the coffee.
A continuation of my other mix: http://8tracks.com/dnic/music-that-says-everything-you-feel-without...
So check that out if you need more music!

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I just moved to china, i have been a little homesick lately and i have found that the music on here is some of the most relaxing i have come across. It is my go to when i start feeling homesick...

This playlist works wonders for me. I got the best score on a difficult test in my class by listening to this playlist when studying! Love it so much. Thank you.

That is wonderful, congrats on your test!! Seriously, hearing things like this totally make my day. I'm so glad that it is helpful in your studying :)

I've listened to many different "study" playlists and yours is one of the best, congratulations and thanks! (And I really need a good one like yours)