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Music that says everything you feel without saying a word


Lately lyrics have been distracting and it's nice to listen to beautiful music that seems to capture emotion better than any words could. These are some wonderful songs I've been obsessed with lately that really just make me feel. It's also pretty good to study to (i think), if lyrics distract you like they do me.
Also for more instrumental/study music check out my continuation: http://8tracks.com/dnic/keep-calm-and-study-on

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Loved The Legend of Jesse James ever since I heard it on the Theory of Everything trailer!! Can't wait to see the movie!! Wonderful compilation!! <3

@nitajain I love that song also, it totally caught my attention during the Theory of Everything trailer! Thank you for listening :)

I thought there wasn't supposed to be any words to this mix? Intro The xx was much better without the rapping. I liked it better before.

@scarletthappy I am so sorry to reply almost a year later, but I did not realize that there was a problem with The xx song. That was definitely not the version of the song I posted in this mix originally and I can't imagine how that happened. Anyway, I've fixed the problem and thank you for bringing that to my attention!

Studying along feeling great then....Nuvole Bianche came on and I had to just stop, close my eyes, and ponder the universe.