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Sanchez on Coltrane

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This mix accompanies Sonia Sanchez's a/coltrane/poem

  • 2 - Love Supreme (John Coltrane) by AMI-ECS
    This is really the end, but since 8tracks requires several tracks for a mix the rest are Coltrane and Coltrane covers
  • Love Supreme (For John Coltrane) by Wadada Leo Smith
  • King's Eulogy and Coltrane's Alabama: Closing by barrylongmusic
  • Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye by John Coltrane
    Caroline's choice.
  • 02 In a Sentimental Mood ft. Duke Ellington by Richard William Jr.
  • Coltrane's Alabama Pt.1 by A..F..P
  • Coltrane's Alabama Pt.2 by A..F..P
  • Blue Train by John Coltrane
8 tracks
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