My name is Dr. Eugene Fudge, musicologist and data manager for The Center for the Documentation of Documentaries (CDD). A scientific data organization that documents the documentation of documentary films...for science. We work in association with the podcast Documenteers! which can be found here and here and is also available for free on several podcast mobile apps on iPhone and Android.

The CDD Music program musicologist (That's me. Eugene Fudge.) gathers a 10 track, unofficial, playlist for each episode released of the Documenteers! podcast. Assistance in this is often provided by podcast host Bob Sham. This study is meant to see if a thematic playlist correlating with a documentary film can enhance the emotional/sexual experience of the film and more importantly the effects on those who document the documentaries. Why is this so confusing? Science. Just let us science.

Streams of these playlists will be thoroughly documented for science. Reviews of the documentary films mentioned are encouraged and will be documented. We only accept documentary reviews under the Herzog rating scale.

Keep on Doccin'®