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All hail the mighty Shark!


Right shark is sad! He learn the choreography, and still no one talked about him... Why? That's so unfair! Remember, all the sharks are beautiful! Even if they know how to shake dem tities!

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Why does this fucking playlist keeps popping after every playlist is done this shit comes and don't get me wrong i like it but not always in the mood for this so how do i make it stop from showing up!?

@alseesstuff Sorry dude, I really don't have any clues... I made this playlist a year ago, and since this day I made a lot of playlist, it's not like I really want this playlist to be listen desesperatly, sorry for the inconveniance... Ask 8tracks directly, I didn't knew that this playlist was doing that until you post this comment. Sorry again and hope you don't hate me for this playlist!