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Two-Headed Boy


Sam's life from sixteen to twenty-two years old. This is a story of the last days of innocence during a sweltering Southern summer when Sam is so in love with his brother, he can barely stand his touch. It's the pain between them through lies, through jealousy, through seeing each other with someone else. Theirs is a story of leaving and Stanford, of Dean feeling lost and Sam nearly losing himself without his brother. It's fire and reunion and a love never lost - ever-present and no longer deniable.

Soundtrack for my story Two-Headed Boy.
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester

52 tracks
5 comments on Two-Headed Boy

If I wasn't already deeply, madly in love with the invisible boy series I would be by now. This is a beautiful soundtrack and I am greatful for being not deaf at the moment. Thank you so much!

i just can't stop the weird feeling of having these songs in my periphery while i was busy listening to metallica and ac/dc, and then like, finding out what they meant to someone i loved. idk if that made sense but

this is exactly what i expected and transcends all those expectations at the same time. it's surreal hearing these songs--'cause like, i'm the same age as Dean, yk?? this captures everything about growing up in the 90's and loving too much, and sets such a beautiful tone for THB. it's so perfect. you blessed us with the story and thanks so much for sharing this playlist.

god this is so fucking gorgeous i cannot even believe i'm hearing this with my own to ears right now. i'm in literal Tears™ this is such perfection. thank you so much dollylux i've truly been blessed on this day.