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You Rock My Stripy Socks


Christopher Moore is one of my favourite authors, so when the Weekly Mix Challenge asked for submissions of a playlist crafted for the celebrity you're almost (but not quite) stalking on Twitter, Facebook, etc, Moore was the obvious answer. Each track is (sometimes very loosely!) related to one of his books. I'll let you play the guessing game to make the connections.

Featuring music by 45 Grave, The Decemberists and The Arrogant Worms.

8 tracks
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1. A Dirty Job
2. Coyote Blue ?
3.Bloodsucking Fiends
4. Practical Demon Keeping
5. Bite Me
6. Fluke
7. Lamb
8. Lust Lizard ?

This is a DJ Sizzly approved mix. I'm gonna add "Young For Eternity" to my show's playlist for sure.

BTW, excellent choice of stalking material. Christopher Moore is hilarious.