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My Home is Nowhere


  • Chansonnette Pour Une Tempête by Imlac
  • Come Wander With Me by Hidden Highways
  • L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo by Ofeliadorme
  • Mama Mama by Johanna Glaza
  • 2005) by Twisted hallways (2004
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  • Wuthering Heights (words : Sylvia Plath) by Delphine Dora
  • whatever you want by Monowi
  • No Mother Of Mine By by For God While Sleeping
  • Memoryhouse by Foreground (cover Grizzly Bear)
9 tracks
1 comment on My Home is Nowhere

I know it may seem hopeless, but whenever stormy tides rage, there is always a light at the end. You will find your light, you will find your home. You are strong, brave, and important. I know you can make it through. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. *hugs*