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Pray for Ukraine

3 comments on Pray for Ukraine

excellent mix and a brave country. there are many people around Europe and especially in the Baltic states thinking about Ukraine daily.

Thank you for your sincere support. I can't explain how helpful it is, that you are with us in these grim times for our country, that we are not alone.

@Dolorosa I know it is not much, but please do know that in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania there are lots of people who deeply care and feel heartbroken knowing what Ukrainians are going through. We try to help via humanitarian aid and our governments try to put pressure on the EU level, but that of course is far from being enough. But we do care and we always will. I often listen to you mix so thank you again for it!

@UnaUna Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. We have to be strong and we nesessary will be despite grief and loss. And.. thank you again!