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Songs that'll make you feel sexy


Initially inspired to make this mix after seeing the scene where Sherlock kisses Molly with Do I wanna Know playing in the background on tumblr. I have added the link below if anyone would like to see it!! :D

Artists you'll find here, aside from the ones I tagged: Lana Del Rey, Cold War Kids & Massive Attack.

Hope you all enjoy

I'll be editing this later so don't get too attached lol jk

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I LOVE this mix so much! Thank you for making it. Can you tell me what the cover photo is from? I'm guessing it's from "where Sherlock kisses Molly" but not sure which movie... Thanks again!!

Awww :') your welcome! Im so glad you like it!! The cover photo is from season 3 episode 1 "The Empty Hearse" of BBC's Sherlock series. A GREAT GREAT GREAT show!! I would definitely recommend you watch it.