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SO. i have a fun story. well first of all let me just say i LOVE this playlist so much, it fits them perfectly and it's one of my favorites ever for sure!! along those lines, this playlist was the first time i ever heard a song by vienna teng, and never look away is now literally one of my all-time favorite songs (and i love a LOT of songs). i loved it so much after listening to this playlist in july that i bought the album it's on and tickets to her tour (that was miraculously announced around 2 days after i discovered her through here, go figure). fast forward to early january when i see her and i'm sitting at the concert like damn. i really discovered this woman through an 8tracks doukyuusei playlist huh. this shit's wild. wonder how she would feel about that. haha jk she will never find out. BUT THEN after the concert vienna hangs out for a while and i'm like omg im gonna tell her how much this album means to me and how much i love it, so i do, explaining that i haven't known her music that long but that it's already such an important part of my life. and lo and behold, SHE GOES AND ASKS "OH, WHERE DID YOU FIRST HEAR MY MUSIC IF YOU DONT MIND ME ASKING". and im sitting there like. shit. HOW DO I SAY THIS. anyway that's the story of how vienna teng heard about the existence of 8tracks and fan mixes, and how i died a little inside