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A weird playlist where I mix k-hiphop, k-indie, and k-pop/ballad. I don't normally do this but idk, it felt right. Needed this for submission week and exam week! Good luck (me, you, everybody).

10 tracks
4 comments on 비정상

I almost cried when I heard 내 방 어디에나 because I seriously didn't even know an official version was released omg??? like I've loved 윤현상 since he first appeared on Kpop Star Audition and I've been waiting for this since forever and I didn't realize my wISH WAS GRANTED(!!!!) ;;;ㄷ;;; 허ㅓㄱ;; ㄴ눈물이 핑ㅜㅜ

@kkoma yeah it's in his album!!!앨범을 첨 들어봤을떄 그 노래 완전 맘애들었어요!!!!!so so so gooooood!That song in my playlist 9번인데....... you listened to my playlist till the end??완전감동ㅜㅜㅜㅜnow I'm gonna cry

@kkoma i searched it up the moment i heard this song and i seriously have never been happier about discovering an album :') 윤현상의 감미로운 목소리ㅠㅠ 으헉-;; and ofc i listened to the end ! haha i always discover such nice music thanks to you! thank you for sharing this one~