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stone hearts; an evil!bagginshield fanmix


a fanmix for dwarven kings and their hobbit consorts who aren’t afraid of getting their hands a little bloody

artwork was done by she was so kind in letting me use it, so make sure to send her your love.

13 tracks
1 comment on stone hearts; an evil!bagginshield fanmix

i love this mix, it's absolutely awesome, like it's everything i need in my life ♥ but what was your inspiration? do you know any fics with that evil au? because damn, i wolud give everything to read somethig like that :D

@zuuuz i unfortunately don't really know any evil!bagginshield stories. i was more or less inspired by the artwork i used for the cover. but let me know if you ever do find any, cause i'd love to read them ;)