doomed tea party
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the path: ruby


There's such beauty in decay; rust is lovelier than paint, though I doubt old age will happen to me.

A young lady by now, 15 years of age. Life has opened up to her as a rotting flower of corruption. She takes a perverse pleasure in observing the extreme decay of adult society. But what will happen when she ceases to be a witness and becomes a participant instead?

[A playlist for Ruby from The Path, an interactive art by Tale of Tales.]

  • Little Girls by The Path
  • Methamphetamines by Lana Del Rey
  • Mad Girl [Acoustic Version] by Emilie Autumn
  • Evanescence Tourniquet by Lunarrox Mysery
  • Looking Glass ~ The Birthday Massacre by AleerAnaya
  • Human Behavior by Björk
  • Forest Theme by The Path OST
  • Charming Wolf by Jarboe and Kris Force
8 tracks
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