doomed tea party
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the path: scarlet

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Art is where the nobility of humanity is expressed
I could not live in a world without it.

She is 19 years of age. She should probably be enjoying what's left of her youth. But with five younger sisters, somebody needs to maintain order and stability. Not that Scarlet doesn't wish to share the burden. Her loneliness is a secret she will take to the grave.

[A playlist for Scarlet from The Path, an interactive art by Tale of Tales.]

  • Little Girls by The Path
  • Rule Of Rose Soundtrack Track 14 by Yutaka Minobe
  • Piano_instrumental by sudharshan-vadhanan-l
  • Dark Piano Song by Night of rain
  • A Violent Stab Of Loneliness by Snowflakes91
  • BJÖRK In The Musicals by jAVI_vALCACER
  • Forest Theme by The Path OST
  • Fey Wolf by Jarboe and Kris Force
8 tracks
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