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South Korean Trip - June 2016 Edition


From my 4 trips to South Korea since 2010, this one had the less variety in terms of music heard in the streets. The whole month was highly dominated by Show Me The Money, Descendants of the Sun's OST, Zico or Twice (nb: Zico and Block B sometimes litteraly OWN a whole street, it's quite impressive).

Truth is, I did not include them but, I've been really surprised at the amount of oldies and western music played! I guess the population got tired of their current music (or disappointed by the summer queens and kings) and enjoyed listening to old Sistar, 2009-2010 2NE1, Epik High's 우산 (Umbrella) on rainy days, old A-Pink or Big Bang...

Therefore, this trip has been, musically speaking, very monotonous and sometimes... annoying! hahahaha

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