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Leonard Cohen (never) wrote these songs


I love Leonard Cohen, but I also like his impressionist.

These songs were indeed never wrote by Cohen, but each of them feels exactly like some of his songs from his early career. I believe most artist here were heavily influenced by Cohen so they are aware of the similarities these songs draw. In any case, this doesn't feel like plagiarism or stealing ideas, but rather like an appropriate tribute or a nice homage to The Master.

Featuring: Laura Marling, Camera Obscura and Josh Ritter.

9 tracks
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My pleasure :). I enjoyed this so many many times, I already started to worry that these songs are gonna "wear-out". But luckily, no :)

Fantastic moody playlist! I have tickets to see Leonard on March 18th in Tampa FL. This is helping me get into the right frame of mind. You have good taste.

Thank you, glad you liked it :)
Enjoy the concert. I visited Cohen in Zagreb few years back and he can still perform :D