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heart of glass: the mistake (naomi/emily)


This is totally a take on where Naomi's head is at, prior to, during, and after that open day, with some perspective from Sophia and Emily. It was almost completely inspired by the sheer creep factor of Naomi's Unseen Skins bit. I think it was done mainly from her point of view, definitely not Sophia's. It shows Emily igniting a fire consuming her and Naomi, and then Naomi being chased, terrified, by a scary Sophia monster, and bombarded with herself (guilt, demons, fears, etc) and losing, while Emily drowns. Until Emily puts out the fire. I don't think it's very difficult to see that Naomi was terrified and on the run.

warning: there are blatant mentions of suicide in the music.

And thus, I think wonderful 90s trip-hop is both fitting and creepy enough. Hype up the Bristol sound! ;)

21 tracks
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